A new way to organize your outdoor club

All your outdoor club's events in one place.

All your club's events in one place.

With Fredily, your club members are automatically notified about new events as soon as they are created.

No more email chains.

No more email chains.

Your club gets a community forum where members can create and engage in discussions. By centralizing discussions, Fredily eliminates the need for chain emails.

Never Cash Another Check

Never cash another check.

From club dues to merchandise sales, collecting money is a piece of cake. Just connect a payment account, configure your products and relax.

For Events

Create a page for your outdoor event in an instant

Create a page for your event in an instant.

In the time it takes to type an email your event gets its own web page, complete with an overview, photo album and a discussion forum.

Outdoor event notifications made easy.

Event notifications made easy.

If you want to invite friends or club members to an event you create, Fredily can notify and invite them automatically.
Have an event you want to promote? Fredily's Discover Map provides a slick (and free) way to advertise your event to other outdoor enthusiasts.

Simple yet robust outdoor event registrations

Simple yet robust registrations.

Whether you are planning a triathlon with 1,000 racers, a team ski trip, or a trail building party with ten people, Fredily has all the tools you will need to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.
With one simple form, you can create as many custom registration types as you need.